Orion/Aurora: World class Hunters video

Dear Members of 320 Vereniging:

Bericht van Erik Friedl
I’m pleased to be sending you this link for a Lockheed film on the P-3 Orion that was recently uploaded to YouTube.

Possibly it might be of some interest and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it. Beginning at the 14:05 mark in the video, there’s a segment about Squadron 320 and flight operations out of Valkenburg that was filmed in 1985.

I had the privilege of working and flying with Squadron 320 as director-cameraman on the film along with my second cameraman, Pim Korver. My liaison with the Dutch government was Willem Geneste who was a pleasure to work with. I have just been in touch with Marco P. J. Borst who informed me that Willem Geneste unfortunately passed away in February of 2014.

Some 36 years later, I also still have the souvenir bottle of red wine that was kindly offered me by the Squadron upon my departure. I’m not sure this would start a bidding war on the auction block between Sotheby’s and Christie’s but it’s a wonderful memento of flying with the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Kind regards

Erik Friedl, Burbank

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